Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition
Adoption Contract

BARC, hereby delivers to ____________, (hereafter the adopter) all its right, title and interest in and to a pet, more fully described below; in consideration for which the adopter covenants and agrees as follows:

  1. Adopter accepts this animal as a house pet and companion. If the animal is a dog, the adopter will license it in accordance with applicable state and local laws, will not permit the animal to run at large in the streets, parks or other public places or to trespass on private property.

  2. Adopter will provide proper food, shelter and water at all times, and humane protection from other animals and people. The provisions of Section 353 of the New York Agriculture and Market Law (defining the misdemeanor of cruelty to animals) are incorporated herein by reference, and adopter agrees not to violate those provisions with respect to this animal.

  3. Adopter will never permit this animal to be used for the purposes of vivisection, experimentation, or commercial entertainment, or any purpose except as a housepet and companion.

  4. Adopter agrees to have the animal neutered after it reaches the age of six months (if female, spayed and if male castrated). Adopter further agrees not to permit the animal to breed before such surgery is performed.

  5. Adopter will obtain routine customary inoculations. In case of sickness or injury, adopter will immediately procure veterinary treatment for the animal. Medical treatment will NOT be covered by B.A.R.C. after 10 days or otherwise specified. Should the animal become incurably ill or injured, adopter will order the humane destruction (euthanasia) of the animal, by a veterinarian.

  6. If the animal Is lost or stolen adopter will telephone B.A.R.C. immediately and make every effort to recover the animal.

  7. Adopter will notify B.A.R.C. promptly if there is any change of address or telephone number. Adopter agrees not to keep the animal in any violation of a lease, rule or regulation.

  8. If for any reason if the adopter cannot keep the animal, the animal must be returned to B.A.R.C.

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