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I got a good home because of B.A.R.C! Thank You!

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Skinny George is terrorizing my household and is immune to the spritzer bottle-behavior modification technique... but I love the him! Thanks B.A.R.C.!!!

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Sally is doing well- it seems like a great match! She was abandoned, but now is living in a deluxe apartment in the sky... She's moved on up, and she deserves it! Good dog, Amelia

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I recently got a cat, a stray, and now she's living in the lap of luxury, thanks to B.A.R.C. My Mittens deserves it. Thanks, B.A.R.C.!

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I have questions concerning a cat that has adopted me. I don't know what to do with HER. She is having babies. Again. I can't keep her ad the kittens to be. maybe B.A.R.C. can help me.

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Ya'll are the best! The work you do gets me choked up every time I think aobut it. After losing my two malteses to a relationship break-up a few months ago....I made the decision to adopt a dog, which will hopefully happen soon. There are two full-grown cats in my home already - both of whom I adopted 5 years ago. They lived with the aforementioned malteses for 3 years and are the upstairs neighbors of two OTHER malteses. Needless to say, they get along with dogs famously. In fact, my male cat would often clean and "mother" my female maltese. It was a sight to see. Keep me posted on any small to medium dogs you receive into your temporary I would be interested. Thank you for the time it took to read this "brief" note.

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I live in the area and would love to volunteer.

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Hey guys! You sure do great work! The cats are doing well, and say hello. Thanks BARC for being there! We need more people to educate about Spay and Neuter! love, Fyre and the kids

Posted on 98/10/20 by Lilypoit:
Cats RULE!

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Mom finally got online!! Now we can chat with our pals and look at BARC's website. See Ya In the Park, Max and Molly

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I'm thrilled to be working with you and helping to find homes for the unfortunately huge population of underappreciated and neglected domestic animals. Education and compassion is everything- Kate Lawrence

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I need to find a good kennel for my dog because I'm going out of town for thanksgiving and don't want him to be stuck in some hole while I'm gone. Could you please recommend a good boarding kennel?

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i would like too adopt a kitten please email me back if you have any available my name is habibah james how much is it to adopt a kitten? and are your kittens healthy?

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I love you guys! Keep up the good work.

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I'm moving to Williamsburg from San Francisco in March and look forward to visiting BARC to adopt a cat. I'll also be looking for cat-friendly places to live, so if you have suggestions, let me know. You have a good site here. Thanks, Seth

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hi guys, you might remember me as satan (or Mrs. Maloney), but i'm now living the good life as b. michelle...the b. is for baby. you cared for me and i will always love you. bet you didn't know i could read, let alone access the web! i love your website and will spread the word. i was 25 pounds when i was with you; now i am six years old and weigh 75 lbs. i still try to eat garbage when i go out, but i sure do love all my stuffed toys. love you!

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The website is great. How do I see photos AND descriptions of dogs?

Posted on 99/01/17 by
do you have a number or address

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I Love Animals and I would do anything to help, please let me know if you have any job openings. I am currently un- employed and I would love to work with the animals part time. thank you.

Posted on 99/02/15 by POLO 4U2NV:
This is Ernest , I live in brooklyn New York and I'm looking for a rescue organization to work or Voluteer my time at. I'm only seventeen but I already made my mind up in the profession I'll be going into in the future . I plan to do something with animals or the Environment. I have alot of experience with animals and would love to help out your Animal Resource Coalition. You can contact me at (718) 859-2461 ...... ask for Ernest or T. ( T. is a nickname)

Posted on 99/03/01 by
Knowing a place like yours exists has been helping me sleep better at night! Keep it up.

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Waiting to see my dog Pablo's picture on your web site.

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I appreciate the information on this webiste. Sites like this, and two good novels with heros in the animal rights movement, "Rage and Reason" by Michael Tobias and "A Hatful of Pain" by Craig Burton, have opened my eyes. Thanks, Ann

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I love animals. Hi my name is Angel Dell and I rescue animals and bring them back to health. I have a friend that resuce Germs and Pugs. I am very happy that you are in this kind of work and I hope you stay in it for ever to help the poor lonley animals. They need all the love they can get that is for sure. Angel Dell

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Where is you organization located I didn't see the address on the website.

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The photo gallery is great but, this is no bio on the dogs to get info on them. Why is that ?

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I am the foster care coordinater here at the humane society of southern az. i was just browsing to get ideas from other groups foster programs. good to see you have your adopted animals s/n before they go home. we do also, but i notice there are some groups that don't. i like the look of your web page. keep up the good work. jill k.

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I don`t know where to start, it is so painful. my nephew left his dog upstate n.y.for a week until his apartment was painted. my nephew missed his dog very much and wanted to bring him home. to find out that his dog was shot in the head by a family member. my nephew is in shock i think it was cruel and no cause for his actions. i think he should take action.

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Please e-mail me a donation form or advise where I can send my donation. Thank You.

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I once lived in Williamsburg (1970-1978) and adopted a dog off the street. She was my best friend for many years. Sadie Ma I called her. It makes my heart jump with joy that there is an organization such as yours who are there for today's Sadies who need someone to love and care for them. Thank you all! BJM

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where is your shelter? depending on where it is i might be able to help out.

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I have an elderly mother who is 81 years of age and wants a cat, not a kitten and not a very elderly cat either.Already neutered or spayed Black and white or Orange and white. She lives in Greenpoint. Could you possibly E-Mail me as to who to contact or where to go. She is lonely. Thanks

Posted on 99/10/31 by Robert Hameline and Barbara Quintana :
just hooked up to internet and want to say hello to all our old friends in brooklyn we are still living in mexico hope you have a nice winter take care

Posted on 99/11/24 by from Cynthia & Matt, NYC:
We adopted SHANE, a young shepherd, from BARC about 5 months ago. He brings us so much happiness and joy!! Thank you, BARC, for saving Shane's life so that he could be a part of ours.

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enjoyed viewing your website...Hope to volunteer at BARC Good luck adopting those dogs

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I like your site but I can't find out the directions to get to BARC!

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Hi I am doing a Civics Issue in class and I am doing Unwanted Pets. Thanks for some of the information. I totally that People spay or neuter thier pets! This is horrible that that many pets are killed each year. This is a big problem. Thank you for supporting those who spay and neuter.

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great site, good work. let me know when kittens are available. thanks, ellen

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Cats,Cats,and more Cats. I love them!!!!!!

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I was wondering if your organization is still in effect and if so, i would like to contribute money (as part of my favors at my Wedding next April under each of my guests names). Please reply.

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Motley sends his love. He loves Texas. He has four bigger friends and he keeps everybody in their place!!

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please use our most current website, not this one,at, thank you. we will be answering your messages shortly, as we are updating the website. or call the shelter directly at 718 218 8701

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looking to adopt a cat planninig on coming down soon. thanks for info.

Posted on 00/03/26 by sally jules:
thank you for doing something so wonderful!

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Hello! I am a Brooklyn resident for half the year and a New Jersey resident for the other half. I plan on visiting your shelter soon and would love to adopt a puppy!

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Posted on 00/05/02 by BELLADONNA503@HOTMAIL.COM:

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I would like to email you about a dog that desperately needs a loving home. I was unable to use the plug=in required to click on to your email option. Please email me, at the above. Thank you Elise

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i love your the barc. i would also like to volunteer after school and work. i just want to know the time you can come in and out to walk the pets. from my name is Yahaira Hernandez and my phone number is 718 4860851. ps if you has jobs available im interested and volunteering at BARC. thank u!

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Hello- I am moving to Brooklyn from San Francisco in the near future. I am thrilled to see that I will have the opportunity to continue volunteering with rescued animals. I highly recommend checking out San Francisco's program at

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we adopted a little kitten a few weeks ago, Decatur. she had a cold then, but she's recovered and presently running wild in our apartment. i'm kinda hoping this exuberance is just a phase, but it is fun to watch, til she comes after us! thanks so much for all your help in the adoption process, not to mention the meds and whatnot. you guys are a credit to brooklyn! --Chris & Brooke

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just surfed in, looking for an English Setter to walk and explore with.

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i was trying to read your guestbook, but a website called "" kept popping up after a few seconds - you might want to check it out. By the way, i was looking at the site to see if i could volunteer. I would be happy to walk dogs, but since i live kind of far away, i would like to do something that would enable me to spend more time with the animals. Please contact me.

Posted on 00/11/13 by
We love all animals - but are looking for one in particular. We are looking for a Russian Blue kitten. if you happen to come across - please notify me at my email address immediately. thank you and best wishes, Jana Gerrard

Posted on 00/11/17 by Julie Harris:

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Loved reading about all those beautiful babies. They all deseserve warm and loving homes. Please keep up the goodwork. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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Loved reading about all those beautiful babies. They all deserve a warm and loving home. Please keep up the good work. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.

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DON'T spay or neuter dogs, there are humane alternatives, sterilize dogs with VASECTOMY OR TUBAL LIGATION.

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I adopted Ruby almost two years ago and she's doing great! She's the best dog to have around. Thanks!

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Thanks for all your great work, BARC! Looking forward to the next Parade and Show....

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I am a sophmore at E.B.C HighSchool in Brooklyn. Our class project is to know more about Animal Rights and their Protection. We are called "Buswick Animal Defense League" and looking up your website was more than helpful for our project. We are looking foward to using your name for our project which I know will get an "A+". Thank You

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I would love to donate some supplies. Maybe towels, cat/dog bowls, etc. What is most needed? I already have a tabby cat, and my family has severe allergies, so I cannot adopt any other cats, but I would like to help. Thanks, Lina

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My husband and I heard about your organization at the Best Friends meeting in Manhattan last week, great job!!