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* Yahoo's Humane & Rescue Societies Category List
Links to Animal Humane & Rescue Societies From the Popular Search Engine

* Save-A-Pet Online
Links to Animal Rescue Resources Indexed by State

Magazine Dedicated to the Adoption, Loving Care, Understanding, Training, Breeding and Humane Treatment of Dogs .

* Friends of Animals
International Organization Working to Protect Animals, with Major Programs to Stop the Poaching of African Elephants, and Campaigns Against Hunting, Trapping and Fur.

* Fund for Animals
dedicated to speaking for those who can't throughout the world.

* The Pet Channel
The Virtual Home and Ultimate On-line Resource for People Who Have One pet, Many Pets or No Pets Yet!

* Feral Cat Coalition
Information Related to Spay, Neuter, Release Programs for Feral Cats. Also General Info of Interest to Those Dealing with Cats.

* New Yorkers for Companion Animals
Nonprofit, Volunteer-run Organization Working to Find Adoptive Families for Rescued and Abandoned Animals.

* Neysa's Links to Humane Societes and Shelters
Sorted Geographically

* American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Dedicated to Alleviating Pain, Fear and Suffering in Animals.

* Adopt-A-Pet
Featuring homeless animals from the Animal Welfare League of Alexandria, Virginia

* Dog Owners' Guide: Comprehensive Index
List of Dog Owner's Guide articles is arranged alphabetically.

* Dog Fancy Magazine On-Line
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Keeping Your Dog Happy & Healthy

* Cat Fancy Magazine On-Line
Brings feline expertise to the Web, with news, features, a cat care library, breeder directory, web gallery and a kids section.

* Dr. P's Dog Training
Dr. P tries to organize all the information available on the Web about DOG TRAINING

* Activities For You and Your Dog
links to sites specializing in various activities to do with your dog with a focus on special animal-human relations.

* Pet Finders
The largest nonprofit lost and found service in the United States and Canada, each day they assist hundreds of people who have lost or found a pet

* Net Vet
Numerous views of veterinary medicine and animal resources

* Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine
Doctors and laypersons working together for compassionate and effective medical practice, research and health promotion.

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