Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition
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The Brooklyn Animal Resource Coalition is a non-profit organization that cares for and houses stray dogs and cats in the Williamsburg/Greenpoint area. We currently provide medical care, food, and shelter for more than 80 dogs and almost 400+ cats. We hold all our animals until they can be placed in loving, caring homes. Since December of 1996 B.A.R.C. has checked in over 900 cats and over 300 dogs.

B.A.R.C. as a Resource

* We provide education concerning neutering & spaying
* We help dog owners place their pets for adoption
* We recommend resources for medical treatment
* We advise pet owners on training and nutrition
* We help owners find their lost pets.

B.A.R.C. Building

We have rented a new kennel to give our animals a better environment. We are also building a nursery to house more kittens and their mothers. All of this work takes time and money.

How you can help:

* Adopt a dog or cat
* Give one of our animals a foster home:
(to help them get used to living with a family)
* Donate your time:
Those 45 dogs in our shelter have to go out several times a day. Just a few minutes of your time is worth a huge amount.
* Donate your goods:
We never have enough towels for our kennels. Or donate other household items for our periodic flea markets.
* Contribute:
we are a non­profit organization. 100% of the money we collect goes to the animals. All contributions are tax deductible.

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