Vol. I . . . . No. 6 SUNDAY, AUGUST 31, 1997

A D O P T I O N  N E  W S

Gabby and Otto Jr.
Whoopy and I were elated to find that Brian, a neighbor on S6th Street had adopted Gabby and Otto Jr. Unfortunately, Gabby and Otto Jr were even less the loving couple than Whoopy and I. Otto Jr, packed his bags and moved back to B.A.R.C. "I got sick of her beating me up," he told Precious. All you folks who asked about Otto Jr and were told he was already adopted can now reapply for the privilege of bringing up Otto's namesake. Otto Jr's owner must have the following qualifications: a strong throwing arm, impeccable editorial skills to support Otto Jr's literary efforts, and a pick-up truck

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Starr Security Service Dog - If he had a name, I didn't know it. Neither did my human friend Jean, who brought him food when his owners, the Starr Security Service, didn't bring him food. Once the dogs got loose and Whoopy and I met them on Wythe, but they didn't bother us. That time, Frances tried to call the guard dog service. A recorded message gave no emergency number. In a previous episode, another pair of dogs stationed under the Williamsburg Bridge would fight whenever a pedestrian passed by. Neighbors complained and one of the dogs was removed. Now the dog Jean was feeding was darted by the police in response to neighbors' complaints, taken to the pound, and is presumed dead. My first job was as a guard dog. At least I had a name, Rambo. Fortunately, nobody complained that I was mistreated before I had a chance to escape. Fortunately, my Fairy Godmother Kathy took me in. In life, this Unknown Canine was not as fortunate. May this dog have a favored spot near the dog goddess Hecate as she and her herd haunt the myriad enemies of dogs.

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Hot Spots and



Irene at Stroll In Video puts out the welcome mat for dogs and human puppies too. A full water bowl is great after a romp in McCarren Park. Irene hands out dog biscuits even if you never rent a video. We don't even own a VCR. Kids have an easel to draw pictures on. (14 Bedford Ave)

Watch out at Dunham Place and S6th, a human maniac with a nasty Rottweiler comes charging out yelling if you so much as pee on "his" sidewalk. A guy who lives around the corner on S6th likes to bark at dogs until they get riled up.

A sanitation cop prowls around on weekends trying to catch dogs off lead. Why doesn't he come around Saturday nights when drunks break bottles and leave dangerous glass on the sidewalks where it can cut dog paws and children's knees?

The Right Bank Cafe has a wonderful garden dining room where well-behaved dogs are welcome and enjoy dining with their human friends. "Just don't sit in the plant boxes," owner Kerry tells dogs. Frances doesn't bring me because she says I'm too self- promotional. Translation: I beg at other people's tables. Lots of dogs are going to be sad when winter closes the garden. (Kent Ave and Broadway) .

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