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Brooklyn Nostalgia - It has become a whole industry, both on the internet and on the web. And why not? It is estimated that one out of seven people in the United States can trace their families to Brooklyn NY. And while Brooklyn's sons and daughters, nourished in the tight ethnic neighborhoods of Brooklyn's tapestry, have grown healthy and strong, moving to all parts of the US, from Suburban NY, to the far West, we all share the same mother - the streets, schools and homes of Brooklyn NY.

Few ex-Brooklynites can get a chance to visit their old neighborhoods. Brooklyn On Line gets hundreds of requests a year for information and photo's of peoples long lost homes and schools. Unfortunately, we have not been able to keep up with all the requests. So in response, Brooklyn On Line is going to provide a new service - The Brooklyn On Line Custom Photography Services.

So here's the deal. For $120 dollars, if you give us the address of a location in Brooklyn, or the name and location of your school or other landmark, we'll send one of our photographers to your location and send you the photo's both in electronic format and in film. It's that simple. If you want us to research the history of a store, home or school, We will go to work for you at a negotiated fee, depending on the difficulty. You pay only if we get results.

Photo's can be blownup if desired for the cost of the photo from one of our affiliated Photo Labs. Framing is also available.

To make arraignments email us at or call us at 1-718-338-1764. No credit cards taken for this services.

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