Rich C.

I grew up in Red Hook, that's South Brooklyn. Now they call it Carroll Gardens. Here are some things that come to mind.  Egg Cream's, Plain vanilla fountain soda's, Stickball. Sitting on the stoop till all hours of the night as the smell of fresh baked bread came from the two bakeries that were on either ends of the block ( I can taste the bread now). Johnny pumps in the summer. The whistle or yell of someone's mom calling the kids for dinner or it's time to come in. Ringo leaveo, Buck Buck ( or Johnny on a pony), Tops, Skelzeez, Fistball (or Punchball)......and then a few years later. Softball in the school yard drinking in the school yard everything in the schoolyard. Football on concrete what grass? Hangin out on the corner waiting for your boys to see what's up tonight. lets cruise the neighborhood, no it's the weekend it's time to party. Bay Ridge bars and discos, after hours clubs and breakfast dinners.... Good Times.... Some of us didn't make it, friends you will never forget. Friends that lost life to soon. It was tough in Brooklyn and only the smart and strong survived, but even the strong died, Sometimes you think, and you see that fate and a little bit of luck had a lot to do with it....   Whether good or bad and sometimes sad. These memories I will always hold close to my heart....    Thanks for visiting.... Rich C , a.k.a. Bklynsts....

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