Casey J. Hayes Brooklyn Boy in Indiana (God, Forgiving!) What will the fates bring next? As I look back at my years growing up on 94th St. in Ft. Hamilton, I wonder exactly what I did to have ended up in the Heartland of our great country? A land where the only thing Kosher is the Hebrew National plant a few miles from my home...and the only diversity being in the various degrees of obesity....Ah, how I long for the days of roaming through St. Patricks...and knowing what I do now. Is there still a Ft. Hamilton neighborhood? Has it been swallowed up by Bay Ridge and Dyker Heights? Is there still a Goodfella's Pizza on 3rd? I long for the days...Before I die, I want to live again among the bells of St. Patricks, the subway and the quiet of the Park...where I can see the Verrazano and Staten Island...(you know why the built the Verrazano? To keep Staten Island from floating any closer to Brooklyn!) I would love to hear from anyone from the neighborhood...I've been gone for 27 years...I would love to get updates. Send comments to Casey J. Hayes