Dennis Walsh

We all need something to bitch about, that's right if you've got some bitching to do drop me a line at FiMNYC@cs.com. Also, if you'd like to get some lessons on Floral Design and Placement, drop by http://pages.about.com/dion747/FloralClasses.html With 30 years in the trade I can help you get a creative career. Screams from the City The Cobble Stone Diaries Screams from the City Across the Silent night Cries for a hero She's just an over sight By those passing by, ignoring her cry she's losing her freedom Their closing their eyes She's a poor victom To the Gravest extreme A woman in danger She's down on her Knees Screams From the City Across the silent Night Cries for a hero She's just an over sight The CobbleStone Weekly New York News With A New York Flair By DioN

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