Hello, I was born in brooklyn in December, 1962... I lived in and out of Brooklyn all of my life... My quest is to find my Biological Father. His name is VINCENT FERRARA. I know it is a common name. He or his parents lived on Watkins Street near Pitkin Avenue in the 50's and 60's, My mother showed me to him when I was born, but, as it somtimes goes, he was already married with 2 or 3 boys and did not want to upset his marrige. Ok. I dont blame him.... I just want to find my brothers....Vincent Ferrara may have had a brother named John.. He may have owned or worked in a printing business. His parents may have moved to the Canarci area and then Upstate. He may be upstate New York... Does anyone remember this family...the area was Watkins/Glenmore Avenue/Pitkin Avenu. East New York. It is my hope that one of his boys had the same firs name. Thank You.

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