Regina Ontheprairie

Who am I? I am an older graduate student/anthropologist, a medic, a researcher, and before I left NY, a musician (percussionist) and a dancer. I run into people from NY now and then, and always wind up talking about missing stuff from home - like knishes from street vendors; dancing to salsa; congas on the stoops and in the parks; italian ices in summer - so many things! There are good things about out here too - but - nothing like Brooklyn. People out here look at you like you come from another planet when you talk about things that are just normal in Brooklyn. They dont have a clue! And - they refuse to believe that theres more to Brooklyn than shoot-outs, drugs and danger. At least... on the up side of that - it might mean they wont decide to move there! Well people - I hope some of you might decide to email me, and keep me company out here while I continue in school! Stay cool!

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