Jack Wilson

One Hundred Sixty Five Years in Brooklyn

Well, not me but my ancestors were here that long. My Brooklyn experience was only as a child and started at my birth on 19th November 1952.

By that time, most of the family was gone to other parts of the State.

My Great-Great Grandfather jumped ship while in Brooklyn. I guess you could say, we were the original "illegal immigrants". His name was Charles Olson but he changed the last name to Wilson and that's how the Wilson's in Brooklyn began.

He was a long shoreman and hailed from Norway. He was born about 1835 and died on the 6th of September 1902.

He arrived her about 1861 and stayed in the Red Hook section until 1865 when he moved to the Wallabout area. Like most of my early ancestors, Charles moved often but always stayed in the same area. It was about that time that he married Catherine Rheinhardt daughter of John and Catharine (Lower) Reinhardt

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