Ok, so what is so great about LompOc? It is that great place of mythic proportion. A place where the name speaks for itself. A palce within a place (that's only after you've been there awhile). Where music and art and the everyday grab your gut as well as your boxer shorts. Especially true is the music. But you have to look hard. Within Lompoc lies (and lies...) music lying low for a double decade. It's possible if you ask the right person they'll ignore you. But then again someone else may just tell you about a musical myth carved out of an old Rolling Stones song (which in itself was carved out of someone elses song). Of course there are fields of flowers, old neighbourhoods, an old mission (in two locations), a hill with a cross (you must look for it-the cross that is), a central park, places to walk, j-walk, sit and watch the world go by, listen to music, watch art which no one visible is crafting, and a few other sundries. Ok, so this all sounds like BS (and maybe very BAD BS at that!). Ask around about Lompoc. Surely someone knows. Maybe save a few bucks and take a bus out there (don't fly if you can help it). Of course you may later think we're crazy because you actually came here once and felt bored stiff. Try it again. Someday LompOc will be on every New Yorker's lips. Maybe they'll even name a section of town after it-who knows.

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