i have family in brooklyn ny bay pwy area who i have not seen in 23 yrs.my reason 2 see the milza fam.jeanette is mom and thomas is son and celia is daughter named after her grandma my reasons are not materialistic or financial. i will never 4get jeanette she was so kind 2 me in my time of need i was just 15 and she took me in when i was having problems with my mother mildred tropea. jeanette's mother name is celia best i don't know if she is still alive i hope she is.please if there is anyone who knows of my family please contact me at 281-219-2895 it would be wonderful if 1 of the milza's read me in site.in closing i love u all and has been 2 long without seeing,peace and love sent 2 the milza's from across the miles.

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