Salt Marsh

			. Volunteer List
			. Mailing Lists 
			. School Groups List
			. Community Groups List
			. Press Contacts List
		Reception Duties - 2 daily shifts
			10:30am  -   2:00pm
			  2:00pm  - 5:30pm
		if you work both shifts you will be given a 1 hour lunch break
		please report to Center at least 15 minutes before your shift 

			. Creating Flyers
			. Notifying Press/community Boards 
			. Posting Neighborhood
				. Phone Calls to particular groups that we have a close relationship with

		Building Maintenance
					. Organize Rooms, i.e. organize books/magazines, check trash, let staff  know if there is a problem to be addressed (toilet paper  needs refill, dirty windows, etc)
				. Light Filing
					. Walk-a-round grounds, pick-up trash or notify staff of mess, see that the public is obeying rules, safe, etc

		Special Events
			. Preparation (preparing materials for Arts & Crafts, phone calls, soliciting donations, confirming performers/artists) 
			. Publicity (creation of flyers, etc.)

		.  Clean-up
		.  Planting
		.  Weeding
		.  Watering
		.  Special Projects
			. Special Gardens (Karner Blue Butterfly Garden- Lupine flowers  planted inside park off of Gerritsen Ave. Need consistent and large amounts of water, labor intensive because there is no easy way to get water out there.)
		. Restoration Sites 

Ranger Programs	
		.  School programs  
			Nature Detectives
			Salt Marsh Ecology

			.  Public programs  (usually last 1 to 1.5 hours) such as:
			Starry Night- Observe constellations through the Rangers telescope.
			Little Things Mean A lot- investigate the tiny creatures in a salt marsh
			Haiku Hike- Join EJ (published poet) on a walk through marsh to inspire poetic creativity.
			Birding- Learn about the birds in the Salt Marsh, binoculars provided.
			Meet the Creek- Investigation of salt Marsh  
				Scuba Observation- Scuba Divers will dive and bring up animal for public observation.
			Sing-a-long- Educational song about nature for young children.
			Marshscapes- Arts & Crafts based in/on Salt Marsh
			Oral Histories- Lifelong residents of the area share their stories of growing up here and experiencing the changes.		
					.  Weekend Demonstrations @ 10:30am & 2:30pm  
				anything from a guided tour of salt marsh to building a flower out of construction paper, or putting on a video.  
			.  Set-up of own programs according to skills, interests
Volunteers are welcome to create there own demos and programs according to their skills.  Examples: Arlene Fuchs reads stories to young children, Ellen Hoyt leads painting and drawing for children, Gail Levine leads sing-a-longs and will begin a morning exercise program.
Special Events
			.  Greeting (encourage people to sign guest book, be a friendly face to answer questions ,inform about the program)
		.  Set-up tables, chairs, food, audio/visual
			.  Break-down same
			.  Crowd management
			.  Assist Caterers/Performers (sound/audiovisual equipment)



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