SlickDawg Pooka

But this was our home and these were our people and even though I was half Jewish my father's dapper Italian looks and his sleeked back hair with his trimmed mustache let this fact slide by. I was a Brooklyn girl, loyal thru and thru but then we moved to Manhattan Beach and my new foreign neighbors just didn't know the Brooklyn ways and I felt lost and isolated from my old neighborhood until about two months ago. This may be quite shocking to many of you but I suggest you sit down. I fell in love with the most handsome, virile, intelligent, and coolest guy that could do it all night long and still whisper "sweet things" in my ear. But here's the shocker. His name is Christopher, but this Christopher is from CALIFORNIA. That's right the "West Coast" and I feel like I belong again. The warmth from my old memories I find in his arms. The motto of this story is that #1 - we should never say never and #2 we can always be from Bensonhurst even if now we fool around in the Pacific Ocean instead of the Atlantic Ocean. This is dedicated to Christopher Damian Avalos who showed me how to love. to his warm and loving family and to my very smooth son Cory I love you my Slick Dawg! forever yours, Norma

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