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I'm Originally From Brooklyn! What do these words mean to ex-Brooklynites? EVERYTHING! Here is MY Story....

I was born 6, March 1964 in Flatbush Brooklyn, NY. My parents were living in The Junction at the time. Brooklyn folks will know that means the end of the IRT subway line, at the intersection of Flatbush Avenue & Nostrand Avenue. I lived there until I was 3 years old. We then moved to Mill Basin for a year, which is where my brother Glen was born. Then at the age of 4 we moved to our house on Avenue I between Schenectady Avenue and E 48th Street. I lived there until 1990! Right now I live in Staten Island, NY. As much as I do enjoy SI, whenever I am asked where I am from... BROOKLYN, NY! If you are looking through these pages, you are either from Brooklyn, or know someone who is. In either of these cases, you can count yourself as a very lucky person! There is NO other place in the world like Brooklyn, NY! There are NO other people in the world like Brooklynites! If you are one, or know one, then I'm sure you know what I mean! G-d Bless Brooklyn and all the fantastic people that come from this wonderful Broken Land! Brooklyn that is!
Peace to all!
Luv Ya!
Tod A. Fiddleman

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