Welcome. Born in 1950, I've been writing fiction since 1975, trying to make sense of the bittersweet mystery of life. I've had 20 short stories published in very small press magazines. I'm self publishing a novel, Close to the Edge, which will be available as an ebook (downloadable to PC) and in paperback at www.1stbooks.com. Below you will find addresses to samples of my work, which will allow you to judge whether the novel would be worth your time. Thanks. Vic Fortezza 5/12/00. Excerpts of Novels and Screenplays: rosedog.com (Click on "readers," type "fortezza" in author's box). "Network 2015" - a short story: Contraband Magazine (Most search engines will have it). "Daniel in a Den of Liberalism" - a short story: Literary, the Magazine of Writing (May be tougher to find).

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