Vincent Torres

Born in Brooklyn, October 22nd, Year of the Dragon, Zodiac Sign, Libra. Brooklyn was the best place on this planet for good Egg Creams, Great Pizza, and kanishes. Grew up in the worst parts of Brooklyn. Bushwick was tough, Bed Sty was hell, Williamsburg was ok but hard. Hung out in Greenpoint for a while. Very poor. Moved almost every year. Williamsburg and Bushwick were the places we lived the longest. Don't get down to Brooklyn any more. All of my friends are dead or gone. Some family still living in Brooklyn. Have some very fond memories of my youth there. Used to go to Coney Island (had a boat near there once), hung out in Greenpoint, Williamsburg, and Bushwick. Flushing Ave, Grand Street, South 9th Street in Williamsburg, N 13th Street in Greenpoint. Was Baptized Roman Catholic. Don't go to church anymore. Don't care much for organized religion. I feel that Religion is a personal thing. I beleve in my own way. The 50s had lots of music in the air. Rock and Roll, Doo Oop music. Remember Playing in the streets, kick the can, stick ball, stoop ball, Spinning tops, cooling off with fire hydrants, Hand ball, Riding bike, flying kites on the roofs of tenement buildings, and Playing Scully. Father was born in Puerto Rico. Mother was born in Brooklyn, her parents were from Puerto Rico as well. I guess that makes me Hispanic, or what is sometimes referred to as New York Rican. They broke up when I was about 2 years old. No biggie (got over it). I sometimes miss speaking Spanish and my latin roots. I have lost most of my ability to speak Spanish. I guess what you don't use you loose. Love Gloria Estifans Spanish albums. They touch the Hispanic part of my Soul. Left home and Started hanging out on the streets at the age of 13. Mostly street gangs and clicks. Never said I was an angel. Guess I am self raised from that age on. I was hit by a car when I was about 14, a drunk driver got me when I was taking a walk. Spent months in a hospital. It left me with some bad scars on my lower right leg and a bad foot. Don't like to wear shorts, no big deal. I do Miss running. I used to do a lot of running when I was a kid. I can do most things, walking, riding bicycle, swim, drive a car and dance. Mostly slow dancing. Got myself together by the late 70s or so. Cut my long hair and got off the streets. Got a job and career in Data Processing (computers). Worked my way up in the Computer Data Processing field. Moved to the middle of New York State at 30 years of age. Got married, Separated now I Make a good living working with Main Frame Computers in Network Tech support area. It's a good job, pay is good. I get a little bored sometimes but other times it is fun. Been in the Computer field for about 20 years now, about 10 in Systems. Still have fond memories of Brooklyn. Perhaps thats why I opened this web page. Sort of a whim. Thats, all. Aint that enough :-)

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