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Looking for anyone to help fill in the blanks of my geneaology research. Names that I have: Mother's side: James Raffanello (1908-1968); Michel Raffanello (might be spelled Rafaniello)immigrated to Brooklyn from Italy around the turn of the century. His wife's name was Francesca Cianciarosa.; Frances Camptello (James's Wife) unknown birth and death in Brooklyn.; Father's side: Louisa Wagner (1820-?) immigrated from Germany around 1850. Was last listed in the 1900 census where she was living with her son:; William Wagner (1854-?) ropemaker who lived on Grattan St and George St; Bertha L. Wagner (1884-?) William's daughter; Jacob Yaeger (?) Bertha's Husband; Jacob Yaeger (1901-1954) Jacob and Bertha's son. Married to Marie Anna McDermott in 1922.; Children of Jacob and Marie Yaeger:; Jacob (1924-1980); Walter (?-1988); Veronica (?)still living; Edward (1935-1988); Walter McDermott (?) Marie's Father. Married to Emily Barrie; William Wagner's other Children:; William Wagner Jr. (1892-?); Annie Wagner (1889-?); August Wagner (1898-?);

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