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Brooklyn's Coney Island:

Our living heritage of Sand and Sun. The original amusement park and national treasure. This page is not a about the glories of the past, but the vigor of the future, and the meaning of our present.

Colors By Letter


Writing Within the Lines

Orange balloons fill a bright blue sky on an eastern seaboard summer sky. With wild green grass growing 'bout knee high. And yellow dandilions flashing, radiating for a two year olds smile.

Green is the Atlantics cool breeze. And purple is the smell of those majestic budding trees, wherever they might be. Flashing red on auburn brown does the locks of my two year olds hair splash, as the rythyms flow through the afternoon of orchastrated sound.

But it's the colors that I'll remember. The splash of colors which lay painted on my canvous which arouse.

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