Brooklyn On Line

Brooklyn's Historical Buildings and Homes

Brooklyn City Rail Road
8 Candam Plaza
Passanger Terminal for the Fulton Ferry
Brooklyn Navy Yard Commadant House
Hudson St and Evans
Former home of Mathew Perry and others
Concord Baptiste Church
Downtown Brooklyn
One of the oldest black Churches in the US - Now a nursing Home
Van Pelt-Woolsey House
Hubbard Lane - last remaining part of the Flatland's Town Center Grid
Elias Hubbard Ryder House
1926 East 28th Street
Flatbush Dutch Reformed Church
890 Flabush Ave (Church Avenue)
1793 - Original constructed in 1654 by order of Peter Stuyvesant
Flatbush Town Hall
35 Snyder Avenue
1875 but the civic center for the town of Flatbush prior to it's merge with Brooklyn
Flatlands Dutch Reformed Church
East 40th Street and Kings Highway off of Flatbush
Styvesant ordered it's original building
Important Cemetery with Lott, Sprong and Wyckoff families plots
Landmark Plaque for the Flatlands Dutch Reform Church
Fort Hamilton Officer's Club
Fort Hamilton
Similar to Castle Clinton at the Battery in Manhattan
Hendrick I Lott House
1940 E 36th street
National Landmark
Built by Coett Voorhees and mentioned in the Bankoff interview
Hunterfly Road Houses - Weeksville Village
Important Afro-American Landmark
James Farrel Residence
119 95th Street
1845 Greek revival
Johannes Van Nuyse House
1128 East 34th Street Between Avenue J and Flatbush Ave
Lefferts Homestead
Prospect Park
Moved to it's current location and open as a Museum
Litchfield Villa
Prospect park on 5th Street
NYC park Department Headquaters
Mansion - in every sense of the word
Fire Headquarters
365 Jay Street
Late 1800's
Gravesend Cemetery
Mcdonald Ave and Gravesend Neck Road
Mentioned in the Bankoff interview
Navy Yard Hospital
Parsonage of the Dutch Reform Church
2103 Kenmore Terrace
Pieter Claesen Wyckoff House
Clarendon Rd and Ralf Ave
Oldest House in NYC and First National Historical Landmark
Museum - Opened all year
Reformed Church of South Bushwick
855 Bushwick Ave
State Street Houses
Boerum Hill Nos 291-299 290-324
1840 -1870's
Shows Urban Development of that time period
Steele House
200 Lafayette Ave
Stoothoff-Baxter-Koewenhoven House
1640 East 48th Street
Flemish Home
Van Nuyse-Magaw House
1041 East 22nd Street
Moved from Ave M and East 22nd Street in 1919
Wyckoff Bennet House - This is a large graphic
1669 East 22nd Street
Oldest House still in residence
Landmark Plaque for the Bennet House

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