Mickey Cuomo

The Butler Gents were one of many independent gangs loosely affiliated with the South Brooklyn Boys (SBB). We lived on the edge of SBB turf and fought constantly with the (Puerto Rican)Untouchable Bishops and the (Black)Mau Mau Chaplains. The rest of SBB was insulated from the hostility that we dealt with every day. I think most of us resented the fact that we did most of the fighting for SBB, but never got the credit or the "Reps". This was the Brooklyn we grew up in. We survived it.

After 35+ years The Butler Gents have reunited. A group of over 20 of the original Butler Gents (and "debs") has taken place. We have been to the old neighborhood, shot pool, played stickball and baseball at the old 3rd street park and even played cards again (the same guys still win). If you were one of us get in touch...We have been getting together every couple of months...

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