Wat Stearns

My name is Wat Stearns. I am helping an elderly couple, in their 80s, look for a new apartment. They have been living in Carroll Gardens for 25 years, and are being evicted for inability to pay a rent increase to 300% from a new landlord. You may have read about them in The Village Voice Towers and Tenements column published on May 26, 1999, and in subsequent articles in The Brooklyn Papers. You can access the article by visiting the village voice website and typing "colacino" in the article search field. If you have any leads for a spacious one bedroom or better in a nice Brooklyn or Staten Island neighborhood, for $850 or less, with one flight of stairs or less, that would be very much appreciated. If you are able to provide a ride for them to see apartments during the weekdays, that would also be fantastic. I can only drive them evenings and weekends. Thank you very much, Wat Stearns 718 369 3973 wat_stearns@altavista.com

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