Tova Lightning

P.S. 167 was our playground, school, and a source of a lot of great memories. I lived at 1285 Lincoln Place, corner of Schenectady Avenue, and remember that great knish store on St. John's Place; Eastern Parkway, where we used to sit on benches on hot summer nights--many marriages were born there! I graduated PS 167 in 1956. A lot of refugees from the Holocaust settled in that Crown Heights neighborhood. We played stoop ball against the brownstone's stoops, and went to the library on Schenectady & Eastern Parkway. I'm looking for childhood friends, neighbors, etc. I later went to Wingate High School, and graduated, 1960. Lincoln Place is still in my dreams--a warm and safe haven for us, growing up. My parents emigrated from Berlin, Germany. I am currently writing a novel about Lincoln Place, and our 3 generation's holocaust experiences--from Berlin to Germany. I'd love to hear from you, my e-mail address is: tovalightning@aol.com

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