ScottAdam Marc Silberstein

Manhunt Manhunt 123 Manhunt Manhunt 123......back in the days Bayparkway was my play ground i lived @ 8735 Bayparkway apt a 34. i moved to florida when i was 14 years old around 1983. my friends use to call me rampage scottie. cause they would pick on me until i freaked out. typical brooklyn kid stuff. i miss the besonhurst summers and the skipping school days down by bay ridge. and how could i forget cropsy park. i went to p.s. 200 & p.s.281 cavalaro and i went to seth lo. and i was a member of the JCH. hey my pop even died on the b train. he had a heart attach on his way to work in the city (1981). well any way id any one remebers me send me a email i would love to talk to you about the old times.

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