Welcome To My Heritage... Born in Brooklyn in the late 60's we lived on Ocean Parkway. Directly across the street from Abraham lincoln High School. Growing up there was the best. So much to do and so many places to go. We used to frequent Hymies- a local grocery store. We would spend countless days on Brighten Bch ave. Shopping or Eating. One of the best places was Youth World. The best place for toys. I will never forget when they put in the first McDonald's, we thought that was the best. During the summer's we would go to Coney Island. I went to camp at the Shorefront Y. Or we would get wet at Grady. There was a small park next to that all boy high school. Pop in for a visit to my grandparents who lived in boro park. We also used to like to go feed the Horses at the mounted police station. I went to PS 253for elementary school and only completed one year at Reynold's. Because my father retired and moved us to Florida. Now that I am married and have children of my own I wish they could have as much fun as I did. And be exposed to all the riches that Brooklyn can offer.

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