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Daniel P Sodroski Esquire - Liars Hall

Ganfer Shore Leeds & Zauderer

It looks like attorney Daniel P. Sodroski, made a hasty exit from Ganfer Shore Leeds & Zauderer after he was sucked into building the temple of lies that Kyle Taylor Esquire is constructing to protect himself.

After taking over $28,000 in corporate funds from a coop where he is a 20% shareholder and running off to Canada where he can not be prosecuted for any of his bad acts Kyle Taylor Esquire hired the newly minted attorney, Daniel P Sodroski Esquire, to file a landlord tenant case against the majority shareholders in 622A President Street Owners Corporation, This is all in an attempt at a hostile take over to turn the building into a rental property. In housing court for Kings County Daniel P. Sodroski filed documents with what can only be described as forged notarization in an attempt to evict a Navy Veteran and his artist wife so that he could take over their apartments.

If you have a look at this press release you will understand Sodroski's crime. The only difference is that Sodroski did not use a dead man's notary seal, he just got someone who is not a New York notary to sign claiming to have notorized the document in New York County.

Who's signature did this false notary attest to? It was Kyle Taylor Esquire. Daniel P. Sodroski then filed two actions in housing court to evict the majority shareholder and managing partner of 622A President Street Owners Corporation.

How can Daniel P. Sodroski get away with filing a false instrument with the court you may ask? Well it is because the judges are attorneys too, and unless backed into a corner they refuse to turn on their own. Here is a document filed in housing court that speaks to Judge Sikowitz violating litigants' civil rights. We will have some interesting information posted soon about Judge Harris of the Kings County Housing Court.

Sodroski went further than filing false documents on behalf of Kyle Taylor Esquire, he even went so far as to lie to Judges Harris and Sikowitz at oral arguments.

One has to wonder if his hasty exit from Ganfer Shore Leeds & Zauderer was because Partner Justin Banano, who supervised him during his work trying to evict a veteran from his home of 24 years, is trying to insulate Ganfer Shore Leeds & Zauderer from fallout associated with he web of lies presented to the court.

One has to wonder if his new bosses at Domio knew before they hired him that he repeatedly lied to the court to try and disposes senior citizens of their homes.

Will Sodroski ever pay for his crimes? We can live in hope.

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