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Liars Hall

Kings County Supreme Court
360 Adams Street

Most people know 360 Adams Street in Brooklyn, New York as the Kings County Supreme Court Building, but after years of investigation by the team at Brooklyn On Line and others it seems a more fitting name for the building is Liars Hall. It is after all right across the park from Boro Hall and all too often if the Reasonable Man were to observe and do just a little review he would find attorneys fibbing. They lie to the court, they lie to their clients, and they lie to each other.

Why do lawyers lie in Kings County Supreme Court?

Because they can. While they are presumed to be under oath all the time Judges never discipline lawyers who lie, and in fact they even threaten with sanctions lawyers who report the bad apples! One judge threatened a female attorney who pointed out a bald faced lie to him.

Even worse sometimes the Judges are the Lying Lawyers in Liars Hall. At a recent hearing on an Order to Show Cause Judge Ellen Spodek stated on the record that a previous hearing in the same case held just two days prior never happened, and that was not the only fraud upon the court she may have committed that day.

Who is Who?

We plan to document for the public in Liars Hall those misdeeds by attorneys, judges, and others in 360 Adams Street that pervert the justice system.

Kings County Civil Court
Kings County Housing Court
141 Livingston Street

It seems that attorney and judge misdeads are not confined to Kings County Supreme Court, but they are also on full and regular display in the Kings County Civil Court, and may be easily seen in the Kings County Housing Court, which is a part of the Civil Court.

Some attorneys are even double dippers, misrepresenting things to both the civil court and the supreme court. Daniel P Sodroski of Ganfer Shore Leeds and Zauderer is one such attorney.

Learn about misdeeds in Kings County Housing Court.

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