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Kyle R. Taylor Esquire - Liars Hall

Partner at Affleck Greene McMurtry LLP - Barristers
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

How did Toronto Attorney Kyle R. Taylor make Liars Hall?

You see before Kyle Taylor ran away to Canada he was employed as an attorney in New York City and he bought into a small self run 4 unit coop in Brooklyn.

He also attempted a hostile take over of that coop using the courts as a weapon against his fellow shareholders, but as his misdeeds began to come to light he scurried across the northern border far from the reach of New York Law.

One could say Taylor was anything but cooperative.

You would think a lawyer would know it was a crime to lie to a court

Ever since Kyle R. Taylor was a wet behind the ears young attorney at Quinn Emanuel Urquhart & Sullivan, LLP in New York City way back in 2012 he has been doing things that if we were being charitable could be called stupid. We, however, call Kyle Taylor's acts what they are, criminal.

Since 2012, in concert with his co-conspiritor Rajeev Subramanyam, a Vice President at American Express, Taylor has been trying to use the courts to steal the home of a couple of Brooklyn Senior Citizens.

It seems both Kyle R. Taylor and Rajeev Subramanyam got the idea that an out of work computer systems engineer and his office manager wife would be easy targets and would fold under threat of law suit. Rajeev Subramanyam and Kyle R. Taylor are 2 shareholders in a 4 unit coop in Brooklyn at 622A President Street.

The senior citizens mentioned above? Well they are the other two shareholders in 622A President Street Owners Corporation. The senior citizens hold leases to a garden duplex apartment and to a single floor apartment.

At the start Kyle Taylor Esquire and Rajeev Subramanyam hired attorney Michael T Yonker to do their dirty work. Taylor and Subramanyam did not want to get their own hands dirty.

Using Yonker as their agent Kyle Taylor and Rajeev Subramanyam filed a an a lawsuit demanding the senior citizens be evicted from their homes and their Coop Apartments be forefit for violating their lease. What breach of lease could warrant taking someone's home of 20 plus years? According to Taylor and Subramanyam the seniors had taken over the cellar of the building in violation of their lease.

The allegation was a lie and Kyle Taylor, Rajeev Subramanyam, and Michael T. Yonker all knew the allegation to be a lie. After all Taylor and Subramanyam had both signed leases that said the cellar of the building was assigned to the leaseholder of the first floor apartment.

It is impossible to concieve that two lawyers (Michael T Yonker and Kyle R Taylor) and a PHD in Chemistry with two patents (Rajeev Subramanyam) could fail to understand a single page of the lease Taylor and Subramanyam signed.

Lying Lawyers and Fibbing Financier Try Again

After the seasoned seniors showed Kyle R. Taylor, Rajeev Subramanyam and their coconspirator, Michael T Yonker, proof signed by both Taylor and Subramanyam, of the lies and fraud upon the court the trio had engaged in the three of them doubled down on stupid. What was the proof that was so damning against the accusations of these three well practiced deceivers? Simple, the actual leases signed which showed the cellar along with the backyard to be assigned to the first floor apartment.

As for the double down on stupid they ran to the court with a fairy tale of the seniors taking money from the coop bank account. When the Judge Rivera asked Yonker for proof of any taking of funds Yonker admitted on the record in open court he had no evidence at all.

This court document will shed some light on the pure evil that is Kyle Russel Taylor

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