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Rishi Bhandari Esquire - Liars Hall

Mandel Bhandari LLP

If one searches PACER for cases in the Southern District of New York where Mandel Bhandari LLP was the attorney of record there will be more than one case discovered where the firm and it's attorneys were scolded, and in some cases sanctioned for attorney wrong doing. One need look no farther than one of the named partners, Rishi Bhandari, to see who taught the other attorneys in the firm to mislead the court with either weasle words or out and out lies.

On November 9, 2017 Rishi Bhandari stood before Honorable Debra Silber (Kings County Supreme Court) at her first call for motions and claimed that David B. Fromartz, the attorney of record for a defendant in the case was not in fact that company's attorney. When Judge Silber would hear nothing of that falsehood and soundly put Rishi Bhandari in his place he created the fake news that Mr. Fromartz was no longer allowed to practice law in the state of New York.

Another attorney in the room who knew Mr. Fromartz ran to the hallway and contacted him. You can see Mr. Fromartz's letter to the court by checking e-courts on this issue, or by clicking here.

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