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Justice Ellen M. Spodek

Kings County Supreme Court - Liars Hall

360 Adams Street
Brooklyn, New York 11201
Chambers: (347) 401-9312: Room 942
Courtroom: (347) 296-1620: Room 725
Fax: (718) 643-5918

Many of those found on a frequent basis to be practicing the art of lying in Kings County Supreme Court are lawyers representing their clients. Often these lowlife attorneys, like Rishi Bhandari, are willing to do anything to win. This illegal practice is, unfortunatly, tolerated by far too many judges, as well as Kings County District Attorney Eric Gonzalez. We may find some insight into the reasons for this by looking to those criminals who sit upon the bench wearing black robes and profess to be qualified to sit in judgement of others.

Ellen M. Spodek is one such criminal liar on the bench. To understand what makes her, an as yet unconvicted, criminal one needs to know about the perjury laws in New York State, as well as Judiciary Law - JUD 487.

So if you have read JUD-487 at the link above you may wonder how a sitting Judge of Kings County Supreme Court could be in violation of New York Judiciary Law 487. To see her crimes one only needs attend her court and observe her at successive hearings in the same case, taking notes at each hearing. Brooklyn On Line staff have been following 0514769/2017 - 4TH AVENUE DEVELOPMENT II LLC vs. RICHMOND,ERIC HAWKES, which is assigned to Judge Ellen M. Spodek.

On 30 October 2017 Judge Spodek was presented with an Order To Show Cause and a Temporary Restraining Order against Richmond by 4TH AVENUE DEVELOPMENT II LLC. The specifics of the OSC can be found on e-courts, but they are not important to Judge Ellen M. Spodek's criminal conduct. The important thing is that there was a hearing at which she was witnessed signing the Order to Show Cause that day, but when the document showed up on the electronic docket it was backdated to October 27! Absent time travel, which no one in the court room witnessed, she attempted to mislead, and did mislead the court and the public by backdating the document.

But wait there is more! In addition to backdating a document on 30 October, two days later on 1 November 2017 Judge Spodek stated on the record that there was no hearing on the 30th of October. She also stated on the record that day that she had no knowledge of leaving the bench when someone presented her with a Writ of Habeus Corpus on behalf of of Richmond who was being detained and prevented from being at his own hearing.

Judge Spodek further falsified the record on 30 November 2017 by commanding the court recorder not to record anything said by Mr. Richmond.

It seems clear to The Resonable Man that Judge Spodek violated JUD-487, and outright lied.

Why do we have the likes of Spodek on the bench in Brooklyn? It is largely because the Democratic Party runs those they wish to have on the bench unopposed, and once "elected" We The People are stuck with the pick of the party bosses. This situation reminds this Cold Warrior of the USSR.

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