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Other groovy Brooklyn Stuff

Brooklyn's Shore Line at Play

Brooklyn's Shore Line taught the World that Water is FUN!!

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Brooklyn's Waterfront at at Play for the Top of the Wonder Wheeel at Coney Island
Brooklyn On Line presents Brooklyn's most important Resource, it's over 30 miles of Shore Line.

Did you know that you can take Sailing and Scuba Diving lessons at Kingsboro Community College? Or that Wind Surfing is a popular activity at Plumb Beach, just east of Sheepshead Bay on the Belt Parkway?

Did you know that you can take a boat to see the Statue of Liberty from Sheepshead Bay, or a Nature Walk at Gateway National Park?

Where you aware that horseback riding along Jamaica Bay was available in Canarsie, or that you can by a home with a private dock in Mill Basin?

Brooklyn is a water lovers paradise. May you desire be to listen to classical music under starlight on the East River with a view of Manhattan, or spend the day fishing in the Atlantic, or enjoying the newly resanded beach at Coney Island at dusk, we have a water activity for you!!

Here's our list of activities for Fun and Sun:

Our Hard at Work.  Brooklyn Business and Industry on the Water Front!! BOL proudly sponsors the Growing Documentation of Brooklyn Water Front Businesses and Industries. The Backbone of regional economic growth for generations, we will outline how Shipping, Manufacturing, and Trade continue to pull NY into a future of prosperity!!
Water Front Recreation by the Sea Shore The Welcoming Shores have welcomed haggard New Yorkers for recreational retreat since the 1800's. Starting in "Suburban" Brooklyn Heights, climaxing in the 1920's with Coney Islands electric Dream Scape. Today we have more variety than ever for shore line recreation. From Beaches, On and off shore Fishing, Nature Reserves, Gambling Cruises, Dinner Cruises, Sailing, and more available along Brooklyn's Shores, your bound to find something in it for you!!
The Future of Brooklyn's Waterfront The debate about the Future of Brooklyn's Shore Line has been raging for years. See how things are gonna shape up, and learn about Brooklyn's important role in the future of North American Shipping